Dog Grooming

TLC Guaranteed

At Tails R Wagging our friendly staff are here to provide you with all the professional advice needed to have a happy, healthy and well groomed dog. Every grooming session is as unique as your dog, ensuring special attention is paid to your dog's breed, skin type, personality and most importantly, desired look.

At Tails R Wagging your dog knows they're number 1.

Quality Dog Grooming

Dog grooming can be an adventure for our favorite four-legged friends. To make it a more enjoyable experience, our specialised grooming spas, located at our grooming centre in Rozelle, Sydney, are made mainly of glass windows so customers can see their dogs (and other dogs) being groomed. We never use cages on your dog and your dog is free to enjoy the company of our friendly staff and other dogs while being groomed or waiting for pick up. Our dog groomers are highly experienced, from style cuts to your everyday - basic cuts. Our groomers are loving and caring towards your dogs, always providing them with some extra TLC - ask any of the customers coming to us from all over Sydney.

At Tails R Wagging we provide specialty breed clips as well as the family pet clips. Poodle grooming is just one of our specialties. Our breed clips and longer clips can be hand scissored, which require highly skilled personnel and a lot of patience. These clips are more expensive due to the time and expertise required to make your dog look a cut above the rest. Two clip offs are necessary to achieve the ultimate look. The first clip will remove all the excess hair, followed by a full wash & blow dry to straighten the coat, enabling the groomer to hand scissor the remaining to achieve the best possible finish.

At our Rozelle centre your dog can have the added opportunity to play in our Doggie Day Care room as well.

Any dogs that has had previous experiences, injuries or being slightly older are always given special attention and treatment.

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Grooming in Action

Every dog needs to be groomed, so why not make it an enjoyable experience to remember. See our groomers memorable moments.

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Find out the steps we go through to groom your pet, and ensure they are 100% neat and clean.

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Dog Grooming Price List *

Bookings at Tails R Wagging are essential to prevent overcrowding, please give us plenty of time to groom your pet to enable the professional standard you deserve. Weekends are very busy.

Wash & Blow Dry

Includes a warm bath & shampoo massage twice to remove all dirt, conditioner, blow dry, brush out, nail clip, ear and eye cleaning. Does not include clipping or trims.

Body Weight Short Hair Long Hair  
0 - 10kg Small $55 $65 + $20 Hygiene Clip
10.1kg - 20kg Med $75 $85 + $20 Hygiene Clip
20.1kg + Large $95 $110 + $20 Hygiene Clip
Add $15 for eye only tidy
Add $20 (WB) or $40 Hygiene Clip for double/under coat de-shedding (Samoyed, Shetland, Husky, Malamute, etc)

Full Groom

Includes a warm bath & shampoo massage twice to remove all dirt, conditioner, blow dry & brush out, paws clipped & shaved betweem pads, full face & body clip, tummy & bottom clip, nail clip & eye cleaning. We only pluck ears if requested.

Body Weight Basic Clip Style Clip Scissor Clip
0 - 5kg Small $115 $125 From $145
5.1kg - 15kg Med $130 $140 From $160
15.1kg - 25kg Large $140 $150 From $170
25kg+ X Large $170+  $180 +  From $200
Additional Services Price
Malaseb/Aloveen Shampoo From $10
Nail Clip Only $20
Eye Tidy Only $15
Head Tidy Only $20
Anal Glands $25
Hygiene Clip (no wash) $35 S-M, $45 L
De-matting Fee $30 per 15 minutes

* All prices shown include GST and are a guide only. Tails R Wagging reserves the right to quote higher prices depending on the size of the dog and the length and condition   of the coat.

Skin Problems & Matting

At Tails R Wagging you will be given the choice of shampoo to ensure you have the correct one for your dog’s particular skin type. These will range from various shampoos, conditioners as well as unique formulas for a black or white dogs, medicated for irritating rashes and flea treatments.

Fleas are a constant problem especially in our Sydney summers. At Tails R Wagging we try to reduce fleas by suggesting flea treatments for the welfare of your dog. Our experience has taught us that animals with fleas are best washed in a flea shampoo followed by a quality flea preventative. Please feel free to contact our staff who are only too willing to help.

Some dogs with heavy matts & knots close to the skin are very difficult to have clipped with any length left on their coat. This is due to the discomfort matting causes to your pets. We are left with one option, that is, to remove the entire coat below these matts. This is not pleasant for your pet & we recommend constant grooming and brushing between visits to avoid this in the future. We will discuss the best possible grooming regime & correct brushes that will suit your dog. Matting can cause severe skin irritations that you may be previously unaware of. Matts will remain very damp underneath if the dog becomes wet & not completely drying your dog off after a bath will also add to these problems. Additional prices will be added due to the time these take to remove.

Ear Cleaning

We highly recommend the constant cleaning & caring for your dogs ears in between all grooming visits. This will avoid any unnecessary discomfort due to infections. You will receive individual attention & advice from our qualified staff in the care & maintenance of this problem.

TLC is guaranteed.