Shih Tzu x Poodle (Shoodle)

The Shih-Poo is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle.

Shih-Poos (Shoodles) Pups For Sale

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Shih-Poos Pups for Sale

Below are all the toy Shih-Poos (Shoodles) pups we currently have for sale in Sydney, NSW. We are constantly getting new Shih-Poo puppies in, so contact us online or call us on 02 9555 8666 to reserve your Shih-Poo puppy.

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Also known as a Shoodle, Shih-Poos are the affectionate, playful and energetic type of dog, and are knowtomake everyone in the house cuddle, play or run around with them; this is because by nature, they are fun-loving. In fact, Shih-Poos love to cheer people up. Because they are quite small, they make for the best pets for families living in smaller homes.

Some of the Shih-Poos' most favourite activities include chasing balls and playing with other toys, which is what makes them great playmates for people of all ages. Although they do get along well with children, they do not tolerate it when there are handled harshly or when their hair is pulled. They love sleeping in bed with their owners. One thing that can annoy other people is that these dogs love to hear themselves bark, so training them to obey on command is important.

Short walks is enough exercise for the adorable Shih-Poos, though playing outside or racing with other dogs in a dog park is just as good. As for their coat, brushing twice a week is required to keep their hair smooth and silky. Occasional trimming and bathing are also very important.

Originally from the United States of America, Shih-poos are a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle, developed in the hopes of creating a dog that is hypoallergenic. Over the last decade, Shih-Poos have become quite popular as designer or lap dogs.

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