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* No puppies for sale are keep on the premises of 22 Crystal Street, Rozelle.

At Tails R Wagging we take the process of putting puppies and people together very seriously. Unlike other pet shops who get the puppies, in and out without much care and responsibility, we take an entirely different approach. We ensure that when it is time to take your puppy home it is well ready to leave us - well socialised, wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, microchipped, health checked by a vet, groomed, travel ready and very healthy for their new family.

We also offer a health warranty with all our puppies, a free grooming voucher and discount vouchers for further vaccinations and desexing at our preferred local vet hospital.

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Meet Some of Our Puppies

We have a variety of puppies who are always looking for a good home. If we don't, however, have the right puppy for you, please contact us to see if we can find it for you. We mainly sell poodle cross breeds for their allergy friendly coats and people - loving personalities. Remember all of our puppies are healthy and social, ready to meet the strict requirements we have before releasing a puppy into a new family.

Shih-Poos (Shoodles)(Shih tzu X Poodle)

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Cavoodle(Cavalier X Poodle)

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Spoodles(Cocker Spaniel X Poodle)

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Cockaliers (Cavalier X Cocker)

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Pugalier(Pug X Cavalier)

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Shmoodles (Maltese-Shih Tzu X Toy Poodle)

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Toy Poodle()

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A Puppy is for Life

When we choose which puppies we will offer, we purchase them for life. We take the whole litter and every puppy that has come to TRW has found a loving home whether young or old.

How We Look After Our Puppies

  • Vet check - When we welcome a new litter (always from recommended breeders), we then take them to our vet for a health check.
  • Diet - They are looked after very well. Our puppies are on a high quality diet called Ivory Coat. Australia made and owned. We monitor their eating habits and behavior.
  • Grooming - The puppies are groomed weekly and brushed daily. This gets them used to grooming and alleviates the stress for you and your pup later when you take them to be groomed.
  • Socialising - The longer our puppies are with us the better trained and socialised they become with our other dogs, adults, children noises etc.

After Care Service

It is important that you continue to care for your puppy long after you take them home. We pride ourselves on being there to share in every Tails R Wagging puppy's journey through life, so come and visit and talk to any of our friendly staff to get advice in nutrition, medications, grooming or just general well-being advice.

The staff of Tails R wagging include a qualified vet nurse, eight groomers, not to mention the everyday caring staff. We are always sad to see a puppy leave us but happy the pup has found a perfect home.

Getting You Started

Along with your new puppy being vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and vet checked, we also provide:

  • 7 day health warranty
  • Information sheet on caring for a puppy
  • First groom free voucher
  • Puppy carrier box
  • Discount vouchers for further vaccinations and desexing at our preferred local vet.

Enquire about a Puppy

Use the form below to enquire about a specific puppy, or if you have your heart set on an exact color or sex we don't have, tell us about it so we can do our best to help find it for you.