Maltese x Shihtzu

The Mal -Shi is a cross between a Maltese and a Shihtzu.

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The Mal-Shi is a hybrid designer dog that is known for its cuteness. Small and just adorable, these dogs grow to average height of only 10 inches and weigh between 6-12 pounds. Generally a happy and playful dog, the Mal-Shi is ideal for anyone — be it for seniors or even for a young family with little kids.
The Mal-Shi, being a slow coat shedder, is also the perfect companion pet for people suffering from allergies. With proper care and attention, this absolutely wonderful dog can live up up to 14 years.
Mal-Shis are adorable, family-loving dogs. Inheriting the traits of their parents, the Maltese and the Shihtzu, these furry animals are generally affectionate, gentle, playful, loyal, and intelligent. They are easy to train yet can be stubborn at times, so it is best to teach them tricks early on to ensure that they respond to your commands as they grow up.
Mal-Shis are considered low shedders. Nevertheless, once their coat starts to get long, they are prone to problems like mats and hair tangling. Because of this, they require daily coat brushing, time owners can use as a great bonding moment. The coat should be trimmed every six to eight weeks.

The eye area of the Mal-Shis are also susceptible to tear stains so this zone should always be wiped and kept clean and dry.
In the quest for having hypo-allergenic, low-shedding dogs, the Mal-Shi (Maltese-Shihtzu) was bred in the 1990s. With its adorable nature and small size, it has risen to popularity, especially in Australia, the North America, and other countries.

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