Schnauzer x Poodle

The Schoodle is a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle.

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Schnoodles are designed dogs, with looks, temperaments and sizes that may vary from dog to dog. They are considered low-shedders, making them great pets for people with some sort of allergies, while also making excellent guard dogs because they are quite protective. They can weigh between 7-12kgs

These crossbreeds are playful and lovable, and love to have fun and be the centre of attention. They can easily adapt, are friendly, affectionate and definitely child loving. What’s more, they can be easily trained and require exercise due to their energy level.

Although Schnoodles do not shed much, clipping and trimming their coat are required for maintenance. Brushing once or twice a week is also important to prevent matting and tangling. Check for ears for bad odour and infection regularly is also critical.

Schoodles were first bred in the 1980s in the hopes of breeding a dog with low shedding tendencies and a low dander. They are the offspring of Schnauzer and a Poodle.

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