Dog Rescue Stories

    Dog Rescue Stories

    Tails R Wagging

    Apr 18, 2017

    Every moment, there are cats, dogs and other domestic animals in Australia neglected by their owners. Those left to the pounds and shelters often meet the sad ending of being euthanized when no one's there to rescue them. Although top animal welfare agencies in the country are close to doing zero euthanasia for treatable and adoptable pets, there are still pounds that kill as close as 90% of the animals they have.

    DCH Animal Adoptions is a non-profit animal rescue organization with the aim to save not just unwanted and abandoned dogs but also cats, horses and even smaller animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. In fact, "DCH" means Dogs, Cats and Horses. It is an NSW-based charity with a goal to provide healthy, new foster homes for these domesticated yet neglected animals from the hands of shelters, pounds and knackery especially in Wollongong and Sydney.

    After rescuing the animals, DCH provide all the necessary veterinary needs of the pets to ensure they're as healthy as possible. In an effort to reduce the birth and dumping of unwanted kittens and puppies, the pets are also de-sexed before they are transferred to their foster homes. They should be, especially with the cats in which the number of feral ones in Australia has soared to a point that the country's Environment Minister announced last year that the country plans to kill 2 million of them by year 2020 because the native wildlife has been threatened.

    In essence, the organisation is run by volunteers who also love animals. Prior to adoption, volunteers take care of the animals in their own homes before a permanent one is found. But despite being a non-profit charity, those who want to own a rescued pet will have to pay adoption fees so that the establishment can reimburse for whatever veterinary costs they incurred.

    DCH also aims to match the animals to the perfect adoptive home to ensure that the rescued pets are taken cared of. The foster care system allows the carer to provide interested individuals with information about the pet to ensure that they pick the right addition to their family. In return, the rescued animal can benefit from the system because it ensures that he or she will be coming to a permanent home with a loving environment.

    If having pets in your home is not an option for you, perhaps due to personal health reasons or property/building restrictions, you can help DCH in other ways. Aside from foster care volunteers, they are also looking for photographers who can capture the best look for the animals to help them attract loving pet owners. They also need volunteers who'll drive and deliver pets to their new human parents as well as people who can update and print out posters for pet shops and local veterinary clinics.

    The organisation also accepts donations of money or pet products through a variety of means. For money, you can opt to pay for certain treatments or pledge for a monthly donation for as low as $10. The organisation's website also have a wish list page where you can find out what they needs, including fencing, food, old iPad units for pet presentations, shampoo, pet treatments and storage sheds.

    Fundraisers are also organised to provide adequate financing to the needs of the organisation. Be sure to be a part of the events they launch or purchase the products they sell to help the charity achieve its goal in providing the best for the rescued animals of Australia.

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