Dog fitness

    Dog fitness

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    Jul 21, 2016

    Give Your Pet the Active, Healthy Lifestyle It Needs

    Just like humans, your dog needsto exercise to ensure it keeps living a fit and healthy lifestyle, even if it is only a chance to run around the back yard, explore bushes and trees, and play fetch with you. Besides providing a basic work out, regular exercise also presents great bonding time, whether at home or out in public.

    You do not have to set up elaborate playgrounds, such as a dog fitness obstacle course (but it would be fun if you can). In any case, a simple walk, run or jog will be enough. Just remember – regular exercise is the key.

    Preparing Your Dog for a Fit Lifestyle

    There are things you need to consider before putting your dog into a serious fitness routine.

    1. Consider the type of dog they are and their size. Some breeds get tired easily and can only handle light activities, while others want to run and need wide open spaces.
    2. When planning to run, make sure your dog can even walk from half to a full hour without getting tired; otherwise, you need to work on his basic skills to concentrate and endure a good workout.
    3. At the very least, make sure your dog is trained to "heel" which is the ability to stay near you and follow you. Heeling is important when you're thinking of running or walking outdoors.
    4. You also need to consider your pet's sociability with other dogs they meets. Are they sociable? Aggressive? In any case, make sure they can concentrate on the workout when you're both out with other dogs. Moreover, know how to handle them in case of tense doggy situations.

    Suggested Workout with Dogs

    Here are some good dog fitness options, most of which can give you a good workout too.

    1. Running, walking and jogging. You won't have to spend or prepare much for these activities. Although warming up may not be necessary for dogs, you may want to start by playing a quick game of fetch or Frisbee. Make sure to start your walk or run slow and gradually increase the speed. If you're thinking of doing a personal run that's beyond your dog's capability, consider letting him join only during your warmup or cool down period instead.
    2. Agility training. This involves setting up an obstacle course of ropes and tunnels, among others, that your dog can pass through. Aside from developing various parts of his muscles, it also helps sharpen his brain.
    3. Cycling. No, your dog will not be learning how to ride a bicycle, but he will be running or walking beside you to boost his fitness level as you slowly move with the equipment. Make sure to watch out for signs that he's tired or had enough. Other alternatives can be scootering or rollerblading.

      Whatever you choose, make sure to mix the activities together to add variety, which is helpful in preventing burnout and boredom for the two of you.

    Host-Workout Rewards

    When everyone is home safely, be sure to give your dog a refreshing treat - a big bowl of cool water to drink. Also consider giving him a frozen ball of mixed yoghurt and peanut butter or a frozen berry or banana.

    You can also try apremium, all natural post-workout dog treat. We have plenty to choose. Visit us or contact us online to find out more.

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