Beginners guide - teaching basic commands

    Beginners guide - teaching basic commands

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    Jun 22, 2016

    We are back with another edition in our Beginner's Guide series – this time focusing on teaching basic commands to you puppy. Other blogs to check out in our Beginners’ series include 5 Tips to becoming a leader.

    While we all know the need to start training with your puppy is very important, from building manners in your dog to building confidence in yourself, many of us new dog owners are not quite sure where to start? Often we start by asking if need to go to a ‘puppy school’. While this can be a great way to kick start your training is not mandatory, but to help you get going, we have included a list of basic dog commands that you should start with.

    Before you begin, know that dogs have short attention spans so it is better to keep each session to 10 to 15 minutes per day. Anything longer than that will cause stress in your pet and will make him unresponsive.

    How to teach sit

    What you need: a food treat

    What to do:

    How to teach come

    What you need: a leash, dog treat

    What to do:

    1. Attach your dog's leash on his neck.
    2. Move into a squat position and slowly pull on the leash as you say “come” in an enthusiastic tone.
    3. If your pet moves toward you, praise him verbally, maybe stroke his belly, and show the treat in your hand.
    4. Repeat the exercise until your dog understands the command. This is the time to give him his yummy reward.

    NOTE: The next two commands are more complicated than the aforementioned so before teaching your pup the following, make sure he has mastered the come and sit drills.

    How to teach stay

    What you need: a tasty treat

    What to do:

    1. The first thing to do is to give your pet your full attention and ask him to sit down.
    2. Open the palm of your hand in front of his face and say “stay!”
    3. Walk a few steps away from him and wait if he moves or not.
    4. If he stays, reward your pup with a verbal praise or a belly rub.
    5. Repeat the command, gradually increasing the distance between the two of you every single time.
    6. Once your pet understands the command, you can now offer him the treat.

    How to teach down

    What you need: a good-smelling treat

    What to do:

    1. While holding a treat in your hand, kneel down in front of your dog.
    2. When he follows your hand after sniffing the treat , direct your hand toward the floor.
    3. When he follows, move your hand along the ground in front of him and say “down”. A normal reaction will be him stretching and bringing his entire body on the floor.
    4. Once he is in a full down position, praise him and let him eat the treat.
    5. If your dog tries to get up and tries to take the treat from you, utter a firm “No!” and move your hand away.
    6. If he gets confused, never try to push him down. Repeat the drill until your pet figures out what to do.

    These four easy commands are a great way to improve your communication and relationship with your dog. Do not rush the process though. Remember, your pet cannot absorb everything all at once so the best thing that you can do is to enjoy the time bonding with him.

    Do you have some easy training tips that you can share with fellow dog lovers? Why not leave a comment below.

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