How to choose the perfect pet sitter

    How to choose the perfect pet sitter

    Tails R Wagging

    Jun 02, 2016

    A lot of us treat our pets as members of our family, and why wouldn’t we; not only are they fun and affectionate, but they have other benefits too, in helping to reduce stress and anxiety, ease loneliness and encourage exercise. The sad reality, is like our children, we can’t be with them all the time. We can’t take them to work with us nor we can we often take them when we go on holiday. Just like any member of the family, you want to know that in these times, they will be safe and secure and looked after by someone you trust.

    But how should you select the best pet sitter? We have put together a simple guide to help you choose your sitter.

    Has a natural love for animals

    A good pet sitter is definitely someone who has a genuine love for animals, and you can find this out by simply meeting the person to discuss your needs and understand what he/she/they can do. If you are considering leaving your dog with an established pet day care or dog boarder, be sure to visit the centre to see their staff and their facilities. In either case, if your instinct tells you something is wrong you should consider finding another option. If you have doubts, you will only worry while you are away if your pet is being properly taken care of.

    Has an initial good interaction with your pet

    Although it is not a requirement during the first meeting, it is a bonus if your pet appears feels comfortable and can show some form of affection to the potential sitter. After all, it is your dog that will be with the sitter while you are away.

    Experienced in taking care of dogs, among other pets

    This is beyond playing with your pet. This includes knowing when to feed, check bowls, entertain, exercise and even provide medicine, if any, are required. Be sure to check references, reviews and past experience. Plain and simple.

    Understands your dog is unique

    It is on you to make sure your sitter knows the specific needs of your pet such as schedule of meals, medicines to take, and sleeping habits, among others.

    Has ways to provide you with timely updates and feedback

    The perfect pet sitters understand that you treat your dogs as part of the family, and thus, they make efforts to let you know what is happening while you are away. Some sitters send messages to the owners while some go to great lengths to write reports or journals complete with pictures.

    If you love your pets, see to it that they will be in good hands when you are not around. And when you're leaving them in Sydney, consider the team at Tails R Wagging. We have a doggy day care, with a web-cam so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in the best of hands. For the longer trip or holiday, we also have a dog boarding service will ensure that your pets are fed to your instruction, have good accommodation and get the entertainment they deserve, among others. They also get to interact with other pets as well as members of our friendly, compassionate team.

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