How do I keep my pets healthy in autumn?

    How do I keep my pets healthy in autumn?

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    May 05, 2017

    We are well and truly into autumn, heading into winter, remembering fondly the long summer days. While we embrace the beauty that the change of seasons bring, our beloved pooches might be struggling to adjust to the shift in weather.

    To have a happy and healthy pet in the last of the autumn months, here are vital pet wellness tips that you should keep in mind.

    • Watch out for Easter leftovers. Easter has just concluded and if your house is anything like outs, your know doubt still have plenty of chocolates lying around the house. We all know how fatal ingesting these goodies can be for our pets so make sure that these treats are out of your their reach. Remember anything with theobromine is dangerous for your pet’s health.
    • Stay cautious of allergens. As the weather gets colder, irritations caused by the season become more common. If you notice your dog sneezing and their eyes getting watery or their skin developing rashes, it is time to have them checked with the vet to prevent any serious health complications.
    • Get rid of stubborn fleas and tick. Autumn is that time of year when bugs and insects love to seek refuge in our pets’ coat. Consult with your local animal health care expert on how to eliminate these persistent pests and make sure to adapt a treatment plan that proves to be non-toxic to your pets.
    • Invest in protective gear for your daily pet walk. Expect the breeze to be chilly during early-morning or late-afternoon walks. Do not expose your dog to potential health issues by having them wear a sweater or a coat too early.
    • Provide extra health boost during cold autumn days. The weather this season has be erratic; some days are hot, most days are chilly. Improve your pets autumn health knowledge and keep your pet healthy and free from any symptoms of respiratory diseases by having them take multivitamins and supplements on a regular basis. Bring your four-legged friend to the clinic to ensure that he gets the right vitamins for his/her age and health profile.

    These simple reminders should help keep your pet safe, happy and healthy in the fall. Remember if you notice sudden changes in his mood and appearance, seek help from your vet immediately.

    Do you have other pet health awareness tips to keep pets healthy this season? Share your tips with the TRW teamin the comments below.

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