Weird Puppy Habits That Dog Owners Need Not Panic About

    Weird Puppy Habits That Dog Owners Need Not Panic About

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    Nov 02, 2017

    Just like us human beings, dogs can sometimes be strange, which cause us to either look at them with a sense of confusion, amusement, or even alarm. If we’re seasoned carers, strange puppy behaviour is considered normal, but for novice pet owners, the weird stuff that cute canines do can be a cause for panic. If you belong to the latter, here are some of the things that you might see, and some tips for how to handle it.

    Excitedly playing around and then suddenly passing out

    Imagine this scenario. Your little pup is running across your living room, even happily playing a game of chase with you. He/she continues to run about the room and as you bend to pick them up, your pet unexpectedly lies on the floor to sleep. When you think that it’s just a trick, you look at your furry friend only to realise it has fallen into a deep slumber. Naturally you get anxious. Is it still breathing? Is it alive? Why did it suddenly fell asleep?

    A puppy sleeps way more than adults dog do because it needs rest for it to properly grow and develop into a healthy dog. But if it passes out all of a sudden, it’s easy for you to believe that there is something wrong with your pup. However, there is no need for you to worry and is often a result of simply being a puppy and not knowing how to listen to the signs of its’ own body. While it may think that it has all the energy in the world to keep playing, all of a sudden it is too late, it actually feels exhausted and instinctively compensates by falling sleeping right away without warning.

    Nibbling on important human stuff

    If you have just brought home a new pet, don’t be shocked to discover your dog munching on your new throw pillow or perhaps finding your new ottoman vandalised and bitten to pieces. Keep in mind that just like a baby, a puppy also undergoes teething. Because it doesn’t understand the pain it goes through, it turns to gnawing in an effort to achieve comfort.

    To prevent any more of your previous things getting destroyed by a teething dog, be sure to keep valuables are out of reach. You can also train your dog to let them know that some items inside your home are off limits. Get advice from a trainer so that you can properly communicate with your pet.

    Mounting a toy, a random object, or another dog

    Another common dog behaviour is mounting, which occurs when your pooch climbs up on top of an object or on another animal and mimics a sexual activity. It can even mount on your leg, which could potentially leave you feeling embarrassed especially during a leisurely afternoon walk at a park filled with different breeds of canines.

    You need to understand that there are many reasons why puppies engage in mounting. It could be that they are preparing to mate in the future or they could be seeking attention from their owners. Another cause why pets resort to mounting is excitement or even stress. Every time your four-legged friend attempts to mount, pull it away from the object or dog to show it that such behaviour is unwanted. You can also divert its attention by offering a treat.

    To become a better master, it is important that you know the fundamentals to understanding dog behaviour. If you want to share other tips that fellow pet owners can learn from, leave us a comment below.

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